"I really enjoyed working with the Steins. They did a great job working with often times unknown variables. Great attention to detail & the overall process. I buy and sell a lot of homes and Jim and Elizabeth Stein are the best agents I've ever worked with. Thanks for all your help!"

- John and Emily P.

"Recently, we have used the professional real estate services of Elizabeth and Jim Stein, “The Stein Team”. They were a pleasure to work with, bringing attention to all details. They are effective communicators and coordinated all aspects of our project to sell our home and purchase another.

Work closely with Elizabeth, her ability to work collaboratively while guiding our project quickly and effectively was outstanding. Her sensitivity, diligence and energy made working with her a joy. She had a firm grasp and knowledge of the real estate market and devised a strategy that insured we received full financial potential throughout the sale of our home. She provided a profile on the house, place advertisements as soon as possible, arranged open houses and personally contacted potential buyers.

Both she and Jim work hard, have significant experience and illustrate great skills in all aspects of the real estate market. In all transactions, they were organized, thorough and personable. They are committed throughout the whole process. They provided excellent customer service with a superior attitude and determination to get the job done.

The “Stein Team” was easy to talk to, good listeners, always available and prompt for calls or answering questions. They took great pride in the job of assisting us to meet our goals and navigate us though two processes of sell and purchasing a home.

Professional…conscientious…knowledgeable…motivated... a pleasure to work with and know... Elizabeth and Jim Stein... TeamStein."

- Jeff and Ruthann S.

"Elizabeth and Jim leave no stone unturned. They are extremely thorough. They fight hard for their client and never take no for an answer. They are also very patient and willing to explain things many times to me. Best of all, they are fun to be around and I will miss the daily interaction now that our sale is completed."

- Jonathan and Rachel D.

"Elizabeth and Jim were great. They are honest, unbiased and very timely and diligent. They made themselves available 24/7 and always gave us salient advice as to market practices and customs. Very easy to work with and super down to earth. Just good people. Would definitely rec'd and work with again."

- Paul and Susan F.

"Having searched for a house for over a year Elizabeth and Jim did a great job in guiding us through the ups and downs of the entire process always working with our best interests in mind. When we got to the contract stage Elizabeth worked hard, making sure that the closing process went smoothly and worked for us in negotiating the best possible deal. There is no way to improve the experience.

The Stein's knowledge of the local housing market is second to none, indeed the house we purchased was not even on the market when we made our offer. The process, which took over a year and entailed making offers on a number of houses was stressful, but Elizabeth was able to help us keep our heads and guide us toward the right house for us, which we hope to live in forever."

- Michael and Maria Elena M.

"We were extremely happy with the work the Stein group did to get our house sold--we were trilled to get three offers in such a tough market. It was great working with such positive, upbeat people who also became our friends! How they are different from other agents: they got to know us, the current homeowners, as a way of anticipating who the new buyer would be; they pounded the pavement in the neighborhood to let everyone know about the open house; they held open houses on both Saturday and Sunday, to give people more opportunity to see it; they were indefatigable, cheerful and positive throughout the experience; they created a "buzz" around the open house and pending sale. We loved the house and wanted a buyer who did too--and they found it!"

- Tom and Ginny V.

"This letter is to support you and all that you have done to make our home buying experience a positive one. It occurs to us that while we are in our home and escrow has long since closed, we are still “working together”. Ours is a unique situation for sure. Readers of this testimonial please know that we looked for a home in Pacific Palisades for over a year. Elizabeth and Jim worked with us tirelessly to find the perfect thing for us. Every home we visited, we did so before it was on the market. The Stein’s knew about each home prior to its being listed for sale so we felt that we had a distinct advantage in our selecting the right home for us. Separate from that, when the current inventory was not sufficient, the Stein’s went out and actively tried to find a home for us. They looked for weeks at a time, going door to door to find our perfect home. This loyalty to us was unprecedented, ultimately creative and was in our mind what solidified the fact that we had the best agent for us. We carefully found our home, bought it and in the end, we now live in our perfect home. No sooner did we move in and a major problem arose next door. Without hesitation, the Stein’s heard our issue, understood it fully and jumped into action to help us. At the expense of days and days and hours and hours of their time, they carefully committed themselves to helping. It bears noting that this was all well after our home purchase was complete and all agents were paid. In total, our recommendation of the Stein’s could not be more heartfelt. If anyone would like to hear the lengths that the Stein’s went to assist us, please feel free to call. We can promise that our experience with our Real Estate Agent is without match."

- Scott and Liz D.

"Jim and Elizabeth Stein are high-achieving real estate professionals in an extremely competitive market. They are smart, reliable, resourceful, and trustworthy and they know how to work with clients to create a strategy that works. Somehow they manage to be persistent and results-oriented while never pushy! Team Stein is a pleasure to work with!"

- Jeff and Deborah H.

"I was very happy with the experience with working with the Stein's on my home purchase and more so, am very happy with my new home. I am available to speak with anyone who would like to know about our having worked together. You did a fantastic job and I am very grateful. My experience with working with the Steins was wonderful. They found the perfect home for me and took care of every detail without involving me in things that I did not need to know about. Everything was handled very professionally and in a very organized manner so as to save both the seller and myself, the most time possible. During negotiation, the seller was unyielding on several points – all of which the Steins’ creatively negotiated on my behalf and lead the seller to reconsider their position and allow for a much more pleasant transaction. The transaction called for not only solid negotiation but a high measure of confidentiality. My needs were met in all areas and I am very comfortable referring the Steins to whoever needs professional representation in a very tricky market such as this. I am ultimately happy in my new home and I thank the Steins for this!"

- Patrick S.

"While we were certainly happy with working with the Stein's, the word “happy” does not seem an adequate description. It was all very rewarding, and for the most part, pleasant experience, one that we will always remember in a positive light. We would work with them again in a heartbeat! We have worked with many real estate agents over the years. Trust us on this: they are in a completely different class. We can only wish we could have had your services as our agent on our new home. It absolutely would have been a far less stressful experience. For the advice you were able to give us, we are truly grateful. We loved working with the Steins! Here's why: a.They provided a thorough marketing plan and strategy b. They stayed on top up things and followed up. c. They maintained a dedication to quality and excellence throughout d. They took on things that we were having trouble handling ourselves, such as the gas shutoff certification with the City. e. They made every effort to explain everything clearly. f. We always felt that they were on our side, and looking out for our interests. g. They helped us prepare the home for sale advising us to conduct pre-inspections. This prepared us well, and avoided surprises. We recommend this to all our friends: before listing your home (1) have it inspected to find out what needs corrective action, (2) then get those things fixed. It avoids a lot of grief later, for both parties. h. We cannot stress enough the benefits of staging our home, and thank you so much for encouraging us and guiding us through this somewhat unfamiliar territory. We recommend all of your clients follow a similar plan. i. They were wonderful people to converse and socialize with. Your good humor, enthusiasm, and optimism always lifted my spirits."

- Steve and Barbara M.


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